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Green Lake and Duck Lake Association (GLADLA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1974, dedicated to the protection, preservation, and continued improvement of our Lakes  The moneys for each lake are managed separately. The income for GLADLA comes entirely from membership of Raparians and donations from others. Dues for association members are $15 per year, and accepted all year.  Donations are accepted anytime and greatly appreciated.

GLADLA expenses cover projects undertaken by different committees, (click here to view committees), dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on our lake’s chemistry, clarity and native plant populations. We have enhanced our effectiveness as stewards of the lake by employing a lake management company to assist our efforts in monitoring the lakes for invasive species. We work with other lake associations, townships, and educational institutes to improve our knowledge of "best practices" in lake management
Treasurer’s Reports:

2017 Duck Lake Treasurers Report

2018 Duck Lake Treasurers Report

2017 Green Lake Treasurers Report

2018 Green Lake Treasurers Report

Treasurers Duties
  •     Handle signature cards and bank statements

  •     Manage PayPal and Visa online payments.Transfer money to/from PayPal as necessary

  •     Receive, record and deposit membership dues payments and other income made by mail.

  •     Maintain database; review membership forms for address changes, etc. Verify mailing information and new ownership information with Township Assessor’s office. Provide mailing lists as necessary.

  •     Periodically check PO box for correspondence and notices.

  •     Reimburse other board members for expenses, as documented by receipt and expense form.

  •     Prepare initial budget, interim and end of year financial reports for board meetings. Monthly updates are posted on web site.


Green Lake And Duck Lake Association

PO Box 23

Interlochen, Mi. 49643