Lost & Found

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  • Sent on: 5 July, 2018 - OWNER LOCATED

    • Name Bonny Fraser

    • Email midbobo@aol.com

    • Subject paddle boat found loose

    • Message While on Duck Lake about 10 days ago, we discovered a paddle boat that had broken it's mooring line. Please call 989-631-6107 to recover. Thank you for posting this.

  • Sent on: 25th July, 2018 - OWNER LOCATED

    • Found on the near the East Side Bay of Duck Lake just off the peninsula (been there for about a week

      • large blue and white trampoline with slide

    • Send an email to the address below with brand name to collect.

  • Sent on July 29th - ????

    • Lost kayak

    •  I lost a kayak on duck lake about 3 weeks ago. Had left it tied to dock and I’m sure it blew away. Didn’t realize it until we got back up Friday. Old Town “Loon”. 10.6 ft. Bright green/yellow. If there is a message board, if you could post this. Our address - 4906 Lake Shore Dr - Grawn. 248.752.1297. Thank you!