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General Fund

The GLADLA General Fund supports the ongoing operational expenses of the nonprofit organization such as:

  • General Operations

    • website hosting and management

    • newsletters printing and mailing

    • educational seminars

    • membership in several lake management, environmental, and  conservation organizations;

  • Boat Wash

  • Swimmer’s Itch

  • Endangered/ Invasive Species

  • Water Quality

  • Communications

 GLADLA Donations

Watershed Protection

Established for non-recurring expenses of the GLADLA, contributions help with:

  • Scientific testing for invasive species control

  • Professional Lake Management Controls/Assistance

  • DNA Testing as required

  • Unforeseen watershed protection issues

  • Special programming initiatives

 GLADLA Donations

Memoriam / Honorarium

Gifts to memorialize or honor friends and family are accepted for any amount and for the above stated funds. Use notes entry to identify in whose memory or honor donation is made.

      GLADLA Donations

Planned Giving

Uncommon is the description most used by those of us who have come to know, experience, and enjoy the special area of Green Lake and Duck Lake.  Ensuring its vitality, crystal clear water, exquisite color and pristine quality is a role all of us are called to play. This stewardship manifests itself in the work of your Green Lake and Duck Lake Association in an extraordinary range of programs and services. Funding these ongoing initiatives is not only vital, it’s our obligation.

Here’s how you can help…


One effective way to further the mission of this award-winning association is through a bequest. This provision in your Last Will and Testament in the form of a gift is accomplished with a transfer from your estate to GLADLA organization. Even existing wills can be easily modified to include the Association with the use of a simple codicil.  Bequests can be established to effectively achieve your goals and follow your wishes:

General Bequests allow you to designate a specific amount to the association: “I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the Green Lake and Duck Lake Association the sum of $______, or___% or (fractional interest) of my estate to the Green Lake and Duck Lake Association of Interlochen, Mi."

Specific Bequests enable you to designate a specific piece of property to the association: “I donate the sum of $_______or___ % or (property description) to the Green Lake and Duck Lake Association”

    GLADLA Bequests