Green Lake and Duck Lake Association founded in 1974 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and continued improvement of our  beautiful Lakes.

Association Objectives:
1). To monitor the Green Lake and Duck Lake ecosystems and take actions necessary for maintaining or improving our lakes, watershed, and riparian community.

2).To educate Riparian’s and the local community about relevant ecological, recreational and ethical issues; and to endeavor to make our community a better place to live.

Association Membership:

Section 1 – Voting members shall be comprised of persons owning or having
deeded access to real property fronting on Green Lake or Duck Lake and whose dues are current. The annual dues shall be set each year by the Board on a per residence basis.
Section 2 - Persons concerned and interested in the views and objectives of the Association may, upon application and approval by the Board, become Associate members. They shall have a voice, but not a vote, at the annual meetings. Associate member annual dues shall be half the regular dues.

Donations to the Lakes Association from anyone interested in preserving our lakes are appreciated! You may “donate” safely online via PayPal or VISA or download a form from the button below.

  • This Association supports issues which concern the welfare of the lake in general, including the conservation of the water supply in the lake and watershed, maintenance of water quality, for water activities and conducive to the renewal of the fish resources.

  • This Association supports the measurement and evaluation of hydro logical data of the lake so that decisions and actions of the Association are in line with best practices

  • This Association promotes the best interests of the membership in fiscal and civic matters such as taxation, zoning developments affecting property rights and values, pending legislation, law enforcement, etc.

  • This Association strives to insure that individual rights should be enjoyed and protected without trespassing on the rights of others.

  • This Association works to preserve the Lakes as a natural resource and recreational area through protection and prudent use of its environs, as well as encouraging safe and reasonable boating practices.


Green Lake And Duck Lake Association

PO Box 23

Interlochen, Mi. 49643